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Now entering its tenth season, South Fork Hunting Preserve has changed a lot from its humble beginnings hunting in former cow pastures and the dirt floor office that they started with in 2013. Come experience the welcoming environment and comradery from staff and members alike that will make you not want to leave, and also enjoy the stunning 3 story clubhouse that greets you as you pull into the parking lot. No visit is complete to South Fork without a trip to the “crows nest” which features breathtaking views of dogs on point in the hunting fields below, and also the Appalachian Trail in the nearby Carolina mountains.

The gentle rolling hills of their multiple fields are accented on their edges with wood lines that create a perfect habitat for quail, and are all planted in a variety of different cover including sorghum, millet, and many other native grasses. Many of the fields are open and fairly flat for easy walking, and all have manicured lanes cut throughout for ease of hunting. The fields are spacious and the cover is thick, but some of the more experienced hunters prefer the challenging hardwoods courses as a change of pace from field hunting. These wooded courses place a premium on well-timed, quick shots and superior dog work as hunters and dogs work their way through virgin white oak bottoms and into the field. 

Owned and operated by Colby Phillips and Jacob Nash, South Fork Hunting Preserve is the perfect escape from your daily routine. It is their passion to share their beautiful property with you, and to keep seeing you year after year.

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