Pheasant Throws

**The Kitchen Sink has been postponed to April 18th-19th**


October 26th

November 30th

December 28th

January 25th

February 29th

POSTPONED to April 18th-19th-  “The Infamous Kitchen Sink Weekend" 8am Morning Registration, 12pm Afternoon. 

April 11th- Annual Members Only Shoot

**9AM Start With Registration and Breakfast at 8AM**

Shooting stands surround a tower in the center of our beautiful Bottoms Field. A signal is given from the tower where the pheasants are released and fly toward the stands. After 10 birds are released, another signal is given and the shooters move clockwise to the next stand. This process is continued until a total 250+ birds have been released. After the shooting is over, the fun continues with a delicious meal. Although food may be the last thing on your mind after you eating your fill of the fine cuisine, you still get an even portion of the kill to take home and enjoy later. A great way to introduce a child, spouse, or friend to the winged shooting experience! It is a day filled with LOTS of shooting, delicious food, and great fellowship with fellow hunters. Spots usually fill up fast, so contact us to book your spot today!

Price: $250

(Spot May Be Shared, 1 Gun ONLY. Additional Lunch: $15)

We Recommend Bringing at Least 4 Boxes of #6 High Brass Shells and Full or Improved Chokes.

Book Your Spot!